Parish Announcements

Beneath Thy compassion, we take refuge, O Mother of God: do not despise our petitions in time of trouble, but rescue us from dangers, only pure and blessed one.

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   See below for days and times of Prayer Services & More

                                  *****Please attend and support your church *****



+++++Centennial of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the U.S.A.  1918 – 2018 ++++++


Sunday the 24th: 10 Am. /// U.O.L. Meeting after church. ///  Remember U.O.L. Membership Dues & a new yearly roster of members must be filled out and sent in  by the end of this month.


Sunday the 1st  @ 10 Am: Protection of the MG.

Sunday the 8th @ 10 Am: Parish council meeting following The worship service.

Sunday the 15th @ 10 Am: Breakfast and U.O.L. meeting  after church. Proceeds to send our children to All Saints Camp.

15th – 18th: Clergy Conference

Friday the 20th:  We begin another Pyrohi season  this week. Workers are needed. Thank You. To order call 724 342-0335 and leave a message.

Saturday the 21st  @ 9 Am:  Praying for our departed loved ones, Soul Saturday.

Sunday the 22nd @ 10 Am:

Sunday the 29th @ 10 Am:


Friday the 3rd: Pyrohi weekend. workers are welcome. To order call 724-342-0335 and leave a message. Thank You.

Time Change—Saturday Night the 4th.  Before you you to bed, set your clocks back one hour so you’ll be on time for church on Sunday.

Sunday the 5th @10 Am: Parish Council meeting after church.

Wednesday the 8th @ 9 Am: St Michael the Archangel.

Sunday the 12th @ 10 Am:  Annual Veterans Day Dinner (Ukrainian Items  for sale at this event so bring your checkbook with you because you may see something you just can’t live without.)

Wednesday the 15th (Nativity Fast Begins)

Friday the 17th : Pyrohi project weekend. To order please call 724-342-0335

Sunday the 18th @ 10 Am: U.O.L. Meeting after Church.

Tuesday the 21st @ 9 Am. Entry of MG in the Temple

Sunday the 26th @ 10 Am.

Thursday, November 30th:  St. Andrew, Apostle to Ukraine !

















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