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Glory to Jesus Christ !


 Welcome to  St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Sharon, Pennsylvania.

There was a man sent from God, whose name was John. This man came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all through him might believe.

Tropar tone 2  : The memory of the Righteous is praised, but you are well pleased, Forerunner, with the testimony of the Lord. For you truly have been revealed as more honorable than the prophets since you were deemed worthy to baptize in the stream the One they foretold. Therefore, having fought and suffered for the Truth, you have also joyfully preached the good tidings of God revealed in the flesh to those in Hades. He takes away the sins of the world and grants us great mercy.

Kondak, tone 5 : The glorious beheading of the Forerunner was part of God’s saving plan that the coming of the Savior might be announced even to those in Hades . Weep Herodias, that you asked for a wicked murder, because you love neither God’s law nor eternal life, but only the passing pleasure of life.

E-MAIL ADDRESS:  andrewgall@earthlink.net

“We knew not whether we were in heaven or on earth, for surely there is no such splendor or beauty anywhere upon earth. We cannot describe it to you: only this we know, that God dwells there among humans and that their service surpasses the worship of all other places. For we cannot forget that beauty.” St. Vladimir, Prince of Kiev.

HELP   UKRAINE : Contributions to assist those injured in Ukraine during the recent conflict can be expedited by going to the Consistory website, www.uocofusa.org  There is a donation button allowing you to make an instant gift of funds. Alternatively they can be sent to the Consistory at P.O. BOX 495 South Bound Brook, NJ 08880. Again, please pray for peace in Ukraine.


We are a parish under the omophorion of  His All Holiness, +BARTHOLOMEW, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople and New Rome, and under the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the U.S.A. / see http://www.uocofusa.org/administration.html  / Our Parish is using the New Calendar,aka. Revised Julian, and mostly English Speaking. Among the clergymen that come from this small parish is  His Eminence, METROPOLITAN  +ANTONY,   (Eastern Eparchy)  of the UOC of the USA. Our Parish is presently in the Western Eparchy of, His Grace, Bishop +DANIEL,

Fr. Andrew was ordained a Deacon in Feburary of 1988 at St. Andrew Memorial Church at the hands of then Metropolitan +MSTYSLAV,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mK-Y7qyk9w and was mentored by V. Rev.George Hnatko, now the dean of the Pittsburgh Deanery. In June of that ” Holy Millennium Jubilee Year of Christian Ukraine, ” Rev. Fr. Dn. Andrew Gall was ordained a Priest. in this very church by then Bishop +ANTONY on Sunday morning, June 26, 1988.  Both Fr. Andrew and Pani-Matka, Marlene, make their home at the parish house at 375 Clark St. in Sharon,Pa. 16146,  next to the Church.

The First millenium of our Church was a Very Historic Time in the Life of  Ukraine, Her People, and Her Holy Church


If you want to catch the spirit of those days, click the next three links.





We welcome you to this Holy Temple. The Orthodox Church is the oldest church in all of Christendom. The word “Orthodox” means “right belief”  and  “right praise.”    ORTHO= Right / Doxa= Glory. Our worship is  focused on God, not on our own enjoyment. This worship is based to a great extent on passages from the  Holy Scripture. As Philip said to Nathaniel, COME, and SEE.

  It would be helpful to read  http://frederica.com/12-things  before you attend ,if you want to know what to expect at an Orthrodox Church.

Please be sure to stay for the “coffee hour” after the  service . This  is part of our ministry of presents and we wouldn’t want to send anyone away empty in any way.

One of the very few Links on this site is  the Shenango Valley Clergy web site  http://theorthodoxvalley.wordpress.com/ .



“[The Bible] is the mother of all books, just as it is the prayer above all prayers, and the guide to the Kingdom of heaven. It leads men on earth to the understanding of the Truth, and enables one to see God with the heart while still in the flesh, and in time to come allows one to enjoy face to face the sweet vision of the Holy Trinity.”  ( Parthenios of Kiev, 19th century)


For Good Health and Length of Days to the Servants of God,*** Metropolitan + ANTONY,  Bishop + DANIEL,  Fr. Andrew Gall, Rose N.,  Catherine O,. Ann W., Paul S. ,Norma-” Jeanna ” B.,Monica O.,  Marlene G., Jack B.,  Anthony & Mary Jane  L., Ed & Mary Jane R., Helen H., Olivia K., Kenneth K.,. Kenny B., Pete F., Irene L. ,Jennifer V   Mike B., Sharon  & Ed H., John M., Karen F., Richard M., Jack L., James G,. Fr. Anthony D., Fr. Paul B., Fr. John H. Fr. John N., Fr. .Basil  D., Eva J. &  her daughter Lori, – Natalie M.,Richard & Helen D.& For all those suffering in Ukraine at this time of unrest, May the Good Lord be with them, and Bless them in their time of need.

[ O Christ, who alone art our Defender: Visit and heal thy suffering Servants, Delivering them from sickness and grievous pains. Raise them up that they may sing to thee and praise Thee without ceasing, through the Prayers of the Theotokos,  O Thou  Who  Alone Lovest Mankind.   Amen.]


*Learn about St. John the Baptist on Ancient Faith Radio– http://ancientfaith.com/podcasts/hopko/the_greatest_born_of_woman_st_john_the_baptist_part_1

http://ancientfaith.com/podcasts/hopko/the_greatest_born_of_woman_st_john_the_baptist_part_2  You may  come up with a page that says error. Please add the letter k to Hopo between the p & the o. If you just find hop , add the ko.   SORRY . This should work.  Please enjoy.



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